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CSC: Staff: Jonas Denißen


M. Sc. Jonas Denißen

Researcher of research group Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory (Prof. Dr. Peter Benner)

Postal adress: Max Planck Institute
for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems
Sandtorstr. 1
39106 Magdeburg
Jonas Denißen
Office: Room S2.14
Phone: +49 391 6110 472
Fax: +49 391 6110 500 MPI Magdeburg
E-Mail: denissen@mpi-magdeburg.mpg.de

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CSC News: DAAD project "MINLP for damping optimization" for 2015-2016 approved

January 1st, 2015
The DAAD (German Academic Echange Service) project "MINLP for damping optimization" in cooperation with the J. J. Strossmayer University in Osijek, Croatia, has been approved for the period 2015-2016. Project members are Ninoslav Truhar, Zoran Tomljanović, Peter Benner, Jonas Denißen, Manuela Hund and Yao Yue.
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