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Research Group Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory

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Research Group Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory
(Prof. Dr. Peter Benner)


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Events: METT VII - 7th Workshop on Matrix Equations and Tensor Techniques

February 13th, 2017
The 7th workshop on "Matrix Equations and Tensor Techniques" (METT-VII) will be held in Pisa, February 13-14, 2017. The METT workshop series is organized by Peter Benner, Heike Faßbender (TU Braunschweig), Lars Grasedyck (RWTH Aachen), Daniel Kressner (EPF Lausanne) Beatrice Meini (University of Pisa,local organizer of METT-VII), and Valeria Simoncini (University of Bologna). Previous workshops were held in Leipzig (2005), Chemnitz (2007), Braunschweig (2009), Aachen (2011), Lausanne (2013), and Bologna (2015).

Events: 3rd Workshop on Model Reduction for Complex Dynamical Systems

January 11th, 2017
P. Benner, H. Faßbender, M. Hinze, R. Zimmermann, T. Stykel organize the MODRED 2017, January 11-13, 2017 at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (IMADA), University of Southern Denmark, Odense.

Upcoming seminar talks

Date Speaker(s) Title

Date Speaker(s) Title
22.03.17 Alexander Zuyev Evaluation of the domain of attraction of time-varying systems with sector and polynomial nonlinearities
05.04.17 Akwum Agwu Onwunta Tensor decomposition for signal processing and machine learning

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