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Research Group Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory

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Research Group Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory
(Prof. Dr. Peter Benner)


Events: Peter Benner speaks at NYU and Temple University seminars

September 15th, 2017
Peter Benner speaks in the Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing Seminar of the Courant Institute at NYU on September 15 and in the Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing Seminar at Temple University in Philadelphia on September 27. The topic of the talks is "Low-rank methods for PDE-constrained optimization under uncertainty".

New appointments: Petar Mlinaric appointed as GAMM Junior

September 11th, 2017
Petar Mlinaric, Ph.D. student in the CSC group and IMPRS Magdeburg, was selected as a new GAMM Junior in this year's competition. The GAMM Juniors represent the young scientists within the Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik (GAMM). The appointment is for 3 years. Ten new GAMM Juniors are selected every year. Congatulations, Petar!

Events: GAMM Workshop on Applied and Numerical Linear Algebra

September 7th, 2017
This years Meeting of the GAMM activity group on applied and numerical linear algebra on September 07 and 08 in Cologne features the topic HPC. Martin Köhler and Jens Saak represented the work of the CSC group in a topical session on hybrid CPU-GPU implementations of algorithms from linear algebra.

Software: MORLAB 3.0

September 1st, 2017
The MORLAB, Model Order Reduction Laboratory, toolbox version 3.0 has been released. More information at the project website: http://www.mpi-magdeburg.mpg.de/projects/morlab

Events: SciCADE 2017

August 30th, 2017
Patrick Kürschner is organizing a minisymposium on "Matrix equations: theory, numerics and applications" at the International Conference on Scientific Computation and Differential Equations (SciCADE) in Bath, UK. Newest group member Tony Stillfjord will also attend this minisymposium with a talk.

Upcoming seminar talks

Date Speaker(s) Title
18.10.17 13:00 Prigogine Hamid Reza Shaker Control Configuration Selection for Multivariable Dynamical Systems
24.10.17 Martin Köhler TBA
24.10.17 Igor Pontes-Duff Pereira TBA

Date Speaker(s) Title

Jens Saak, saak@mpi-magdeburg.mpg.de