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Research Group Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory

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Research Group Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory
(Prof. Dr. Peter Benner)


Events: 5th European Conference on Computational Optimization (EUCCO)

September 10th, 2018
The 5. EUCCO took place September 10-12, 2018, at the University of Trier. It had 106 participants. CSC contributed in the following ways: Peter Benner (program committee and talk in Special Session), Jan Heiland (organization of the Special Session "Model order reduction and low-rank approximation for nonlinear problems"), as well as Christian Himpe and Roman Weinhandl (talks in in Special Session).

Software: emgr - Empirical Gramian Framework 5.5

August 22nd, 2018
emgr - EMpirical GRamian Framework version 5.5 for model reduction of (nonlinear) input-output systems has been released. More information at: https://gramian.de

Upcoming seminar talks

Date Speaker(s) Title
16.10.18 Nicodemua Banagaaya Index-aware MOR for nonlinear DAEs Arising from Gas Transport Networks
06.11.18 Kirandeep Kour TBA

Date Speaker(s) Title

Jens Saak, saak@mpi-magdeburg.mpg.de