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Fachgruppe Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory

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Fachgruppe Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory
(Prof. Dr. Peter Benner)


Software: ROSTAPACK: RObust STAbility PACKage v1.0 released

18. Mai 2018
ROSTAPACK is a library implemented in MATLAB for computing or approximating robust stability measures, such as the H-infinity norm, of linear dynamical systems with input and output.

Die nächsten Seminarvorträge

Datum Vortragende(r) Titel
07.08.18 Frank Uhlig (Auburn University) Time-Varying Matrix Eigenanalyses via Zhang Neural Networks and Finite Difference Equations

Datum Vortragende(r) Titel
08.08.18 Pawan Goyal Fundamentals of Compressed Sensing and its Applications in Biology
05.09.18 Igor Pontes Structure-Preserving Model Reduction for Integro-Differential Equations

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