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Research Group Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory

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Research Group Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory
(Prof. Dr. Peter Benner)


Events: 3rd Workshop on Model Reduction for Complex Dynamical Systems

January 11th, 2017
P. Benner, H. Faßbender, M. Hinze, R. Zimmermann, T. Stykel organize the MODRED 2017, January 11-13, 2017 at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (IMADA), University of Southern Denmark, Odense.

Preprint: Combined Error Estimates for Local Fluctuations of SPDEs

November 14th, 2016
In this work, Christian Kuehn and Patrick Kürschner study the numerical approximation of local fluctuations of certain classes SPDEs. Combined ERror EStimates (CERES) are developed for the four main errors: the spatial discretization error, the local linearization error, the local relaxation error to steady state, and the approximation error w.r.t. the covariance matrix computed by an iterative low-rank algorithm for Lyapunov equations.
ACOM cover page

CSC News: Peter Benner appointed to the editorial board of ACOM

November 10th, 2016
Peter Benner was appointed to the editorial board of the Springer journal "Advances in Computational Mathematics (ACOM)". ACOM aims to publish high quality, accessible and original articles at the forefront of applied and computational mathematics, with the clear potential for impact across the sciences. The journal places a particular emphasis on numerical methods, modeling, and simulation.

Paper: ISI Highly Cited Paper

November 1st, 2016
The paper "Numerical solution of large-scale Lyapunov equations, Riccati equations, and linear-quadratic optimal control problems" by Peter Benner, Jing-Rebecca Li and Thilo Penzl (Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications 15(9):755-777, 2008) was named "Highly Cited Paper" by the Web of Science - it received enough citations to place it in the top 1% of the academic field of Mathematics based on a highly cited threshold for the field and publication year.

CSC News: Software: emgr - Empirical Gramian Framework 5.0

October 21st, 2016
emgr - EMpirical GRamian Framework for model reduction of input-output systems has been released in version 5.0. More information at: http://gramian.de.

Upcoming seminar talks

Date Speaker(s) Title
31.01.17 Vladimir Sinyakov Approximations for Reachability and Information Sets of Nonlinear Control Systems

Date Speaker(s) Title
21.12.16 Maximilian Behr All well-posed problems have uniformly stable and convergent discretizations

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