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Fachgruppe Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory

Reading Group 2018

Dr. L. Feng

Reading Group


Teilnehmer: Mitarbeiter, Diplomanden und Masteranden der Fachgruppe Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory, ...
Ort: MPI Magdeburg V0.05-2/3
Zeit: Mittwoch 13:00Uhr - 14:00Uhr


past events
05.12.18 Christian HimpeAn Introduction to Posit Arithmetics
05.09.18 Igor PontesStructure-Preserving Model Reduction for Integro-Differential Equations
08.08.18 moved to 11:00!Pawan GoyalFundamentals of Compressed Sensing and its Applications in Biology
11.07.18 Roman WeinhandlIntroduction to the Htucker Matlab Toolbox and Selected Examples
27.06.18 Cleophas M. KweyuRange-separated tensor formats for numerical modeling of many-particle interaction potentials
13.06.18 Manuel BaumannDeep Learning: An Introduction for Applied Mathematicians
30.05.18 Manish Krishan LalStructured Low-Rank Matrix Factorization: Optimality, Algorithm, and Applications to Image Processing
24.01.18 Christian HimpeA Koopman Operator Approach for Computing and Balancing Gramians for Discrete Time Nonlinear Systems

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