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» PD Dr. Ronny Straube
Max Planck Institute for Dynamics
of Complex Technical Systems
Sandtorstr. 1
D-39106 Magdeburg



22/11/2018» Ronny has been accepted for the Heisenberg Programme of the German Science Foundation (DFG)

01/03/2018» Cand1-mediated adaptive exchange mechanism enables variation in F-box protein expression
Molecular Cell (together with Xing Liu, Justin M. Reitsma, Jennifer L. Mamrosh, Yaru Zhang and Raymond J. Deshaies)
» discussed in a preview by Daniel C. Scott and Brenda A. Schulman

19/11/2017» Trade-off and flexibility in the dynamic regulation of the cullin-RING ubiquitin ligase repertoire
PLoS Computational Biology (together with Meera Shah, Dietrich Flockerzi and Dieter A. Wolf)

06/11/2017» Analysis of Network Motifs in Cellular Regulation: Structural Similarities, Input-Output Relations and Signal Integration
BioSystems (Review article)

23/03/2017» Operating regimes of covalent modification cycles at high enzyme concentrations
Journal of Theoretical Biology

Short Biography

born 1975 in Borna (near Leipzig)

August 2018 - Principal Scientist in Quantitative Systems Pharmacology
Bristol-Myers Squibb, Princeton (NJ)
Oct. 2015 - Feb. 2017 Deputy Professor for Biomathematics
Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuernberg
April/May 2015 Guest scientist at Caltech (Deshaies lab)
funded by EMBO through a Short-Term Fellowship
Sept./Oct. 2012 Guest scientist at Xiamen University (China)
June 2011 - March 2015 Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems Magdeburg
Team leader in the Research Group Analysis and Redesign of Biological Networks
June 2011 Habilitation (Dr. rer. nat. habil.) and venia legendi in Theoretical Physics
Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg
2007 - May 2011 Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems Magdeburg
Research fellow in the Systems Biology Group of Prof. Ernst-Dieter Gilles
2005 - 2006 Hahn Meitner Institute Berlin (now: Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie)
Research fellow with PD Dr. Martin Falcke in the Department of Theoretical Physics
2002 - 2005 Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg (Dr. rer. nat. in Physics, 2006)
PhD student in the Biophysics Group of Prof. Stefan C. Müller
1996 - 2001 Friedrich-Schiller University Jena (Diploma in Physics, 2001)

Research Interests

» Spatial Aspects of Signal Transduction

» Analysis of Network Motifs

» Noise Characteristics of Cellular Reaction Networks

» Asymptotic Methods in Mathematical Biology

Research Partners

Regulation of the cullin-RING ubiquitin ligase network
» Dieter Wolf (Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, USA)
» Ray Deshaies (Amgen, USA)

Diffusion-Mediated Signal Transduction Processes
» Jianwei Shuai (Xiamen University, China)

Signaling Gradients and Mean First Passage Times in Singularly Perturbed Domains
» Michael Ward (University of British Columbia, Canada)


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» Daniel Samaga
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» Dr. Rakesh Pandey
Oxford Center for Integrative Systems Biology