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A commercial use of this free academic version is not permitted (licenses for commercial use are distributed by Max Planck Innovation GmbH).

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Licensing Conditions

  1. The LICENSER (Max Planck Institute Magdeburg) authorizes the LICENSEE to use CellNetAnalyzer without any fee for academic and non-commercial purposes only.
  2. The LICENSER does not adhere to any problems that arise directly or indirectly from using CellNetAnalyzer.
  3. The copyright for CellNetAnalyzer remains with the LICENSER. The LICENSEE has to ensure that CellNetAnalyzer or parts of it are not distributed outside the institution of the LICENSEE.
  4. When publishing results gained by using CellNetAnalyzer, the LICENSEE has to mention CellNetAnalyzer with appropriate citations (ask the LICENSER for an appropriate list of references).
  5. The LICENSER reminds the LICENSEE that for using CellNetAnalyzer, the commercial program MATLAB is required. In order to get a fully functional version of CellNetAnalyzer, the LICENSEE has to get the appropriate licenses himself.

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