Release update: ProMoT 0.8.5 (bug fix).
New paper about ProMoT published. See references.
ProMoT 0.8.5 released. See new features or download.
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Download and Installation


For Linux different distributions can be downloaded. It is recommended to use the installer.

Note for users with a 64-bit Linux: Installation instructions using the installer:
  1. Start the installer
    java -jar promot-v-0-8-3-installer.jar
  1. Follow the step-by-step instructions of the installer. No root access is required for this installation.
Installation instructions using the binaries:
  1. Login as root
    su -
  2. Change to the root directory
    cd /
  3. Extract the downloaded file (tarfile)
    tar -xvjf <tarfile>
  4. Exit root
  5. Run ProMoT


  1. Download the self extracting archive.
    ProMoT requires Java 6. If you have Java 6 installed on your computer, download the file called promot.exe. If you don't have Java 6, please install it on your computer first.

  2. Execute the archive
    An additional directory named promot-v-0.8.5 will be created in the choosen directory.

  3. Run ProMoT

Previous versions and snapshots:

Previous versions of ProMoT and up-to-date snapshots can be found in the dist/ directory. The dist/ directory has the following structure:

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