Chair in Systems Biology

01, February 2010 a new Department of Systems Biology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the OvG University of Magdeburg has been established with support from the BMBF. Fully equipped molecular biology laboratories for biochemical, molecular and cell biological work for quantitative analyses of cellular signal transduction have been installed. Since December 2010, the group is able to perform the first experiments. Aim of the related work package is to elucidate the importance of the adapter protein Gab1 in the regulation of the dynamics of the signal transduction of the cytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6). Gab1 coordinates IL-6-dependently the activation of the MAPK cascade and the PI3K cascade. They have shown that activation of these signaling pathways is essential for membrane recruitment of Gab1. Additional signalling molecules of both signaling pathways associate to Gab1. Theoretical considerations show potential negative and positive feedback motifs as well as coherent and incoherent feed-forward motifs that could affect the dynamics of the signal significantly. The group is now trying to verify these network motifs experimentally and in parallel they check with their cooperation partners from the group of Dr. Klamt the potential importance of these network motifs for the dynamics of MAPK- and PI3K-activation in silico.


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