latest version: 2023.1

Plugins for CellNetAnalyzer

This page lists plugins for CellNetAnalyzer developed by others using CNA's API functionality. If you have developed a plugin that should be included in this list, please send us the required information and the (zipped) plugin itself, if possible with a documentation.

Plugin Authors Description References
Coverage Analysis Rebekka Schlatter et al. (Univ. Stuttgart) This toolbox provides methods for assessing the quality of logical models based on exhaustive input testing techniques known from software engineering. It also helps to identify experiments with the highest potential information content. publisher page
ODEfy Jan Krumsiek, Fabian Theis et al. (Helmholtz Centre Munich) ODEfy is a MATLAB package for the automated conversion of Boolean models to systems of ordinary differential equations (ODEs). It also contains methods for the simulation of both Boolean and ODE-transformed models. ODEfy can be run as a stand-alone application or as a CellNetAnalyzer plugin. The latter is now a permanent part of CNA and can be directly called from the menu. More on ODEfy
MuVal Daniel V. Guebel, Ulf Schmitz et al. (University of Rostock) Web service that converts CNA reaction files to facilitate graded inhibitions in multi-valued logic models. More on MuVal
Omix Plugin Sebastian Mirschel (MPI Magdeburg) Plugin for Omix. Enables export of a network (model + graphics) in Omix as a CNA project. Omix is a customizable editor for drawing biochemical network diagrams developed by Dr. Peter Droste. More on Omix
Converter Daniel V. Guebel Web service to transform CellNetAnalyzer files into a format readable for Cytoscape, BiNom, DiVa, and M-finder programs.
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